Unemployment falls, job growth in medical, mining and construction

San Luis Obispo County is ranked seventh out of 58 California counties for lower numbers of unemployed workers, according to a report released Friday by the California Employment Development Department.

The SLO County unemployment rate fell from 3.4 percent in January to 3.2 percent in March. In the past 12 months, the region gained about 2,700 jobs.

Significant increases were seen in the educational and health services sector which added 800 new jobs and the mining and construction sector which added 700 new positions. The biggest decline was seen in transportation and utilities, which lost 200 jobs in the past 12 months.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is lower than the national average of 4.4 percent and the state’s 4.5 percent rate.

In California, San Mateo County is ranked number one with an unemployment rate of 2.4 percent and Colusa County comes in on the bottom with an unemployment rate of 20 percent.

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One Comment about “Unemployment falls, job growth in medical, mining and construction”

  1. ArroyoGrande2000 says:

    It’s easy to have a low unemployment number when you stop counting those who have stopped looking for work and you also don’t count those who should be looking for work but don’t because the government pays them to not work.

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