Police find body while searching for missing SLO woman

Kristen Marti

The search for a missing San Luis Obispo woman on Sunday turned up a dead body that police say appears to be female and is being investigated as a homicide. However, authorities have yet to confirm the identity of the individual.

Kristen Marti, 26, has not been seen or in contact with friends or family since Jan. 9. Marti was last seen in the 1800 block of Perfumo Canyon Road in a parked maroon colored sedan. She was with an unknown man at the time, whom police say is a person of interest in the case.

On Sunday, police detectives along with SLO County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team personnel conducted a large-scale search for Marti in Perfumo Canyon. A total of 45 Search and Rescue Team volunteers participated in the search, as did six K-9 teams.

During the search, a K-9 team located a body in a creek near the roadway in Perfumo Canyon. SLO County coroner investigators and the Sheriff’s Dive Team came out to the scene to assist with the recovery of the body.

The coroner’s unit will perform an autopsy to determine the identity of the person, as well as the cause of death. Police say the death is being investigated as a homicide because of the circumstances surround the investigation.

Police have identified the person of interest, but they are not releasing his identity because of the ongoing investigation, according to a police. Investigators request that anyone who has information about Marti’s disappearance contact the SLO Police Deaprtment or Crime Stoppers.

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5 Comments about “Police find body while searching for missing SLO woman”

  1. CYA says:

    Something is very out of place, wrong, and missing as she has been missing for nearly one month, they knew as she was reported missing ? yet it took nearly an entire monthly to launch a full search in the well documented area where she hung out, she was a regular visitor at the 1800 Prefumo canyon Mobile home park which has a long well documented history of criminal wrong doings.

    Drug Labs, human trafficking, weapons, a Lab which exploded a few years back, but is most interesting is that nearby a Multi Million dollar estate at 820 Via Laguna Vista, SLO 93405 this home has has some very interesting legal issues over the years to real estate fraud, foreclosed then re-bought by Russian Friends and re-sold to the same people ?

    With the recent discovery of the remains of Kristen Marti who had been missing for over 7 weeks and for the SLOSO + SLOPD and others agencies suddenly got a tip to look for her remains in the area of the 1801 Prefumo canyon Mobile Home Park all within a few hundred feet to the secret raid and arrest of the Home Burglary aka home invasion.

    For the Law Enforcem4rtn to conceal wait nearly one full month to search for her and suddenly find her right where they were told she and other missing people are located is there a connection ?

    Smells so much like the unsolved Murder of another missing young lady from Morro Bay Margay Edwards never solved.

  2. Boldguy says:

    Very sad story indeed:(
    Based on earlier reports, drug use, hanging around and staying in motels(prostitution?)and missing almost a month before being reported missing, the story was sad before she even went missing:(
    The autopsy will hopefully give detectives more information, could of been just a tragic overdose, her sketchy acquaintances could of just tossed her body into the creek, due to there own paranoia, whatever happened, it’s a tragedy for someone so young to lose their life:(

  3. William J Sidis says:

    I was wondering what took so long to do this search? Shouldn’t they have done this as soon as they had the lead she was last seen on Prefumo Canyon?

    1. CYA says:

      I think it is safe to say a “Snitch” was involved and the authorities wanted until they had to search, especially since on 3-18-18 a serious home raid at 820 Via Laguna Vista occurred with over 10++++++ units, forensic specials and more showed up and nearby was the remains of Kristen Marti.

      1801 Prefumno Canhy9n is the address of the Laguna Lakes Mobile Home Park who has a history of criminal problems. Like case # 1803-02133 SLO Sheriff’s Office NOT made Public ? Chris A. Rojas and David C. Valdez 3-18-18 7:41 AM 10+ units responded and yet no press release ?

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