Santa Ynez woman arrested for striking neighbor with her truck

Julia Di Sieno

Deputies arrested a Santa Ynez woman last week after she allegedly hit her neighbor, who she has had a long-standing feud, with her truck and then fled the scene.

On March 24, deputies received a report from a man who said his neighbor, Julia Di Sieno, 57, had followed him from their homes on Carriage Drive to El Rancho Market. After the victim got out of his car, Di Sieno drove towards him striking him with her side mirror, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department.

The victim was uninjured in the hit and run.

During their investigation, deputies discovered video recordings and witnesses who backed up the victim’s account of the incident.

Di Sieno and her neighbors, Mary and Rich Nohr, have been feuding since 2009 when the Nohrs moved the Animal Rescue Team onto their property and began rehabilitating large and small animals. Di Sieno then lodged complaints over coyotes howling.

In Dec. 2017, Di Sieno was charged with criminal threats and stalking and a criminal protection order was put in place.

In Feb. 2018, deputies arrested Di Sieno for violating the retraining order. During a search of her home, deputies discovered firearms and a lead cane which resulted in charges of possession of a lead cane and a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

On Sunday morning, deputies arrested Di Sieno on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and booked her into the Santa Barbara County Jail.

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  1. fiveliterfalcon says:

    Strange because Julia di Sieno is listed as Executive Director & Co-founder on the Animal Rescue Team website. Something doesn’t add up.

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