The perils of Jimmy Paulding

Jimmy Paulding


It’s a well-known fact that supervisorial candidate Jimmy Paulding is joined at the hip with the SLO County Progressives co-chaired by Nick Andre. In fact, Nick Andre is Jimmy Paulding’s campaign manager. Paulding seems like a nice, well-intentioned fellow. But what does Paulding’s close alignment with this group say about him?

The Progressives are a group that uses every trick in the book to create political theater and generate public attention for its single-minded, rigid agenda. It’s a borderline cult with a political monoculture intolerant of any other views than their own. These ideological zealots are determined to do whatever it takes to get their own way, representative democracy be damned.

With schizophrenia in the news, it’s on display within the Progressives as they embrace both anarchy and big government. If that’s not schizophrenia, what is?

For a candidate for public office to embrace the Progressives is a frightening prospect. The perils of Paulding will be the perils to us all if he succeeds in getting elected to office. Allowing him to empower the Progressives and their “means justifies the ends” politics with the result of letting their rigid ideology metastasize itself in our SLO County’s governance is downright scary.

Ask yourselves why Paulding wants to align himself so closely with Andre and the Progressives when they take such actions as:

  • Exploiting the tragedy of Andrew Holland’s death by creating political theater for their own narrow political purposes.
  • Shutting down the March 20, 2018 Board of Supervisors meeting with their theatrical stunt, thus impeding the ability of the County to do the people’s business.
  • Supporting the “Progressive” SLO City Council that is forcing bike boulevards upon on its historic neighborhoods over the overwhelming objections of the residents of those neighborhoods.
  • The refusal of our Mayor and City Council to listen to city residents as they morph our representative democracy into an ideological dictatorship.

Continuing the campaign of harassment of Sheriff Ian Parkinson over the Holland matter, the Progressives showed up in force at a community meeting he hosted that was held earlier this week in Santa Margarita. Shouting out their choreographed yet misinformed questions while Parkinson was trying to speak, they did their best to disrupt the meeting.

If the Progressives didn’t exist, Parkinson would have to invent them. After all, they and their behaviors are turning out to be the keys to Parkinson’s reelection. Could the Progressives be the cause of the demise of Jimmy Paulding rather than his saviors? Time will tell.

Supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson

It’s also well-known that Paulding enjoys the strong support of supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson in their desperate quest to return to power on the SLO County Board of Supervisors.

If Paulding wins, one need only look at the San Luis Obispo City Council to see what happens when the Progressives come into power. Tax increases, bigger government, expanding overregulation, creating new bureaucracies, and their single-minded determination to have us live the way they want us to live.

This band of Progressives is nothing like the enlightened Progressive movement that rose under the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt in the early 1900s. No, these Progressives have moved from regressive to repressive.

Were they to take control of our Board of Supervisors, a tyranny of ideas to be imposed upon us all with not be far behind. Such are the perils of Paulding.

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10 Comments about “The perils of Jimmy Paulding”

  1. mazin says:

    Last time I checked when you are running for public office you take support from anywhere you can get it. For example, Trump was supported by David Duke and other KKK types. That doesn’t make Trump one of them.
    Keith … you article is guilt by association. And if Nick Andre is an effective campaign manager you hire him. To win a political office you go with what works and who is motivated.
    BUT you comments on extreme unworkable SLO city ideas has merit. This city is going broke on highly speculative “eco-eco” (ecology economics) wishful thinking. Wayyy to risky.

    1. JulieJones says:

      Nick Andre is not an effective campaign manager, he has almost no history. He is taking advantage of a righteous movement to line his own pockets.

      Regardless, ethical candidates run ethical campaigns and hire ethical campaign managers. Why many of us want Sheriff Ian Parkinson replaced is because he fails to abide by laws in place to protect the people of our community. Do we want another sheriff who believes violating meeting laws is ok in order to get elected? Do we want a new sheriff who will belly up with an unseemly group of people just to get elected? What happened to expecting honesty in our law enforcement personnel?

  2. mazin says:

    Sadly local gov’t elections are “wack-a-mos” between Republicans and Democrats. Is there anyone who is independent of these two forces?
    “Progressives as they embrace both anarchy and big government” … in general this is the weakness of gov’t sponsored solutions.

  3. William J Sidis says:

    Verbatim quote of Mike Cummins talking to a group of Progressives: “I am relatively new to the world of the Progressive movement, it seems to be embracing me very much and my wife and I are enjoying it.”

  4. William J Sidis says:

    Just a question for who votes “thumbs down” on my first post: Are you thumbing down because I said “Well written Keith” or because Cummins and his wife have “embraced the Progressive movement”?

    Just the fact that Mike Cummins and Greg Clayton are part of the Progressive movement is reason enough to vote against them. Disgusting what both of them are doing.

  5. William J Sidis says:

    Well written Keith. Don’t forget that Mike Cummins has embraced the Progressive movement and he and his wife enjoy it very much.

    1. ArroyoGrande2000 says:

      Mr. Gurnee has provided proof of his statement of Paulding’s associations but you have provided none. Do you actually have any proof or are you just against Mike Cummins and will say anything you think will help Dow?

        1. ArroyoGrande2000 says:

          Because of course you wouldn’t ever not tell the truth? Your “proof” would be more believable if it were in writing(not yours), print or such. Saying your heard it…. in court isn’t that called hearsay? I’m sure we can count you for a vote for Dow.

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