SLO County Progressives protest at local meetings, but is it working?

Even as the SLO County Progressives are celebrating their well attended rallies for change, their protests for the resignation of the sheriff because of the death of Andrew Holland at the county jail have resulted in outrage from other attendees at several town-hall meetings.

Approximately 120 people attended a sheriff’s town-hall meeting in Santa Margarita last week, including a small group of Progressives. While a handful of Progressive held up matching orange signs that said “lie,” as Sheriff Ian Parkinson spoke, Nick Andre filmed the meeting.

Andre serves as a co-chair for both the SLO County Progressives and the SLO County Democratic Party. He is also the owner of a political consulting firm that is paid by the campaigns of sheriff candidate Greg Clayton, district attorney candidate Mike Cummins, and District 4 supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding.

Following Parkinson’s speech, attendees were provided time for questions and answers. Several of the protesters read the same questions their group had asked at two earlier sheriff town-hall meetings, one held in Oceano and the other in Nipomo.

As the exchanges between Parkinson and several of the Progressives became heated, the protesters began interrupting Parkinson and members of the public attempting to ask questions.
Approximately a dozen attendees responded by yelling at the Progressives to let the sheriff talk, to knock it off and that they were out of order.

Wednesday’s meeting was the fourth time the Progressives have protested the death of Holland at local public meetings.

In late February, the protesters marched to the front of the SLO County Board of Supervisors chambers and refused to set back down. As a result, the morning session was shuttered. The Progressives have voiced plans to protest again at Tuesday’s board of supervisors meeting.

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8 Comments about “SLO County Progressives protest at local meetings, but is it working?”

  1. Shenanigan says:

    The strategy is backfiring. All they’re doing is throwing support to Parkinson. Clayton doesn’t have a chance and they know it.

  2. mazin says:

    Cal Coast News is partisan, too GOP for any creditability
    Tell me, if Parkinson had a D behind his name would you be screaming about taxpayer’s money lost on the lawsuits his operation has caused?
    This “taxpayer’s cost half a million a year” Sheriff Buford T. Justice needs to be replaced.

    1. JulieJones says:

      Cal Coast News is the only media that covered Ian Parkinson’s many issues until recently. The only reason the public is aware of the jail is because of Cal Coast News. But then the male reporters at the Tribune and the New Times take the reporting and claim it as their own and you appear to be spreading the lies. Yes, Parkinson needs to be replaced but the bad actors in the county have repeatedly attacked the only media that does true investigative reporting effectively stifling the reporting.

      Several of our county’s worse actors, like Adam Hill and Tom Fulks, are Democrats. The press is supposed to cover the news regardless of who is involved.

      1. mazin says:

        I am not either “side”. BUT Cal Coast News needs to look at itself in the aggregate. How does it appears? To me it is way to GOP with no Dem voices.

  3. William J Sidis says:

    They can’t win on a civil discourse of ideas. They have to protest, riot, and intimidate in hopes of changing people’s minds.

    1. mazin says:

      Let’s see … how about having half the town on a march? Me thinks, somebody is out of touch.

  4. slosum says:

    The regressives could care less about Andrew Holland and his family. It’s all about votes for their candidates.

    1. mazin says:

      How do you “know” what they care about? Just more bias … bias on one side, bias on another, very very very few with objective truth telling minds … sad

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