More than 100,000 California 16 and 17 years register to vote

In what appears to be a boost for the Democratic party, 100,000 underage teens have pre-registered to vote in California.

Under a state law enacted in 2016, 16 and 17 year olds can pre-register to vote if they are U.S. citizens and California residents. Eligible teens cannot currently be in prison, on parole for a felony or deemed mentally incompetent to vote by a court.

Last week, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced that more than 100,000 16 and 17 years have pre-registered to vote in California. Padilla said in a statement the teens will vote for change.

“Students across the country have said enough is enough when it comes to gun violence. More than 100,000 16 and 17 year olds in California have pre-registered to vote for change at the ballot box. Many are turning 18 this year,” Padilla said.

According to an EdSource report, 43 percent of the underage teens have registered no party preference, 38 percent have registered Democrat and 10 percent have registered Republican.

The voter pre-registration drive is part of a state youth-focused civic engagement initiative that also includes student mock elections, high school voter education weeks and recruitment of student poll workers.

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One Comment about “More than 100,000 California 16 and 17 years register to vote”

  1. perk o late says:

    So they’ll be voting for change, let’s hope that means changing the direction CA is going in—down the tubes!

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