Activist attempts to save Cal Poly pig, holds vigil

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is again under fire from a local activist. On Thursday, a15-year-old girl unsuccessfully attempted to stop the slaughter of a pig.

Shortly before the pig was to be butchered as part of a meat processing class, Zoey Rosenberg stationed herself between the pig and the class while she voiced an appeal for the life of the pig. Rosenberg wanted to load the pig in a trailer so she could transport the swine to a local animal sanctuary.

Officials at Cal Poly told Rosenberg she was not permitted to be there and asked her to leave. Rosenberg then began delivering her speech while her mother filmed the altercation.

“Because she has a snout instead of a nose, we value her life less,” Rosenberg said. “But her life is so valuable and she deserves to live.”

Officers arrived and asked Rosenberg to leave the Cal Poly campus. Officers informed the activist that while she had the right to protest, she did not have the right to disrupt the class.

After she refused to stop her protest, officers detained the 15-year-old before giving her a trespassing warning and telling her not to return to campus for seven days. On Saturday, Rosenberg held a vigil outside Cal Poly.

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One Comment about “Activist attempts to save Cal Poly pig, holds vigil”

  1. perk o late says:

    This little apple didn’t fall far from her momma tree.
    Some animals are raised for food. Zoe and her mommy aren’t going to change that.

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