South County business owner identified as suspect in Kristen Marti death

Kristen Marti

San Luis Obispo police have identified an Arroyo Grande man and local business owner as the sole person of interest in the Kristen Marti disappearance and death case.

Robert Koehler, 36, is the owner of a local mobile mechanic service that operated in northern Santa Barbara and southern San Luis Obispo counties, according to police. Thus far, police have been unable to locate Koehler.

Marti, 26, had been missing for nearly three months when San Luis Obispo police officers found a body in a creek near Perfumo Canyon on March 25. The body was in poor condition at the time, and it took the coroner’s team several days to identify the deceased person as Marti.

Prior to her disappearance, Marti was last seen on Jan. 9 in the 1800 block of Perfumo Canyon. Police initially said Marti was with a man in a parked maroon colored sedan when she was last seen. Investigators have since said the vehicle of interest is a mid 90s red Chevy S-10 Blazer.

Police are requesting to speak with anyone who was in contact with Koehler during the week of Jan. 9. Investigators ask anyone who has had dealings with Koehler to contact Detective Kemp at (805) 783-7765.

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