Five Oceano men arrested for kidnapping with intent to rape

Jose Mendoza Cerna

Five Oceano men are in jail after they snatched two victims from a Santa Maria night club Sunday with the intent to rape them, according to the Santa Maria Police Department.

At about 2:30 a.m., the two women were approached by the men in the night club. The men then grabbed the victims and forced them into a nearby vehicle.

A witness to the incident at the nightclub called 911. Shortly afterwards, one of the victims managed to escape while at Main and Bonita streets and also called 911.

Officers arrived, arrested the suspects and booked them into the Santa Barbara County Jail.

Each of the suspects are charged with kidnapping with the intent to commit rape. Santa Maria police have identified the suspects as Jose Octavio Perez, 56; Jorge Alvarez Manzano, 53; Joel Verduzco Mendoza, 24; Salvador Cerna Mendoza, 39; and Jose Mendoza Cerna, 30.

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  1. ArroyoGrande2000 says:

    New slogan for Santa Maria, “Come to Santa Maria for the shopping, stay and be the victim of a crime”, Thanks Mayor Alice Patino and the entire city council.

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