SLO package thief flees on a bicycle

A man snatched a package from a San Luis Obispo porch on Friday, then rode off on a bicycle, SLO Police Chief Deanna Cantrell stated in a social media post.

Cantrell circulated images from surveillance film showing the suspect fleeing on a bicycle while wearing what appears to be a basketball jersey, backpack and a hat on backwards. The suspect is seen holding an object in one of his arms while riding the bicycle.

The theft occurred in the 1700 block of Vicente Drive, according to the social media post. Anyone who has information about the thief is asked to call Officer Benedetti at (805) 594-8060.


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One Comment about “SLO package thief flees on a bicycle”

  1. obispan says:

    Hopefully the thief had quick access to a gas tax funded bicycle trail where he could make his getaway without the police having a license plate number.

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