Dan Dow hires discredited investigator to look into perjury questions

District Attorney Dan Dow


San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow has hired an investigator to look into whether an expert witness used by his office committed perjury. But the investigator he chose has had his work criticized by the San Luis Obispo County civil grand jury.

Dow’s choice, Richard Thomas, a private investigator with an office in Ojai, was hired by the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District in 2010 to investigate the district’s administrator over questions about payments made to his private engineering firm. John Wallace, who was the administrator, faced questions about conflicts of interest in awarding work to his company the Wallace Group.

Thomas was to look into several questionable transactions including a charge of $16,921 the Wallace Group billed the district to hire a painter to repaint the roof of the sanitation district’s maintenance building.

Thomas concluded from his investigation that the charges were for structural review, contract management and bidding tasks and appeared justified. In his report, Thomas talked about Wallace’s “great reputation,” and disputed the allegations of overcharging and impropriety.

But, in 2011, the San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury found Thomas’ investigation into Wallace inadequate and faulty, a determination it appears the DA’s office shared at the time. The DA’s office charged Wallace in 2017 with two felony and two misdemeanor counts of conflicts of interest in his work for the sanitation district despite Thomas’ report that cleared Wallace of wrongdoing. In March, Wallace plead no contest to the two misdemeanor counts.

Tracy Nix

The expert witness Tracy Nix, an 18-year DA’s office staffer, has testified in court and written in her resume that she holds a bachelors degree from Cal Poly. But Nix does not have a college degree.

On March 14, a judge ordered Tracy Nix’ transcript released to attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu, who planned to refute her testimony on the stand. After the transcript was released, the district attorney’s office decided against having Nix testify.

Responding to questions about Nix’s credentials, Dow said that because Nix “walked” by participating in a Cal Poly commencement she believed that she had graduated and earned her degree.

“If she believed she had a degree, then she did not commit perjury” Dow said. “It is common at Cal Poly for people to believe they have graduated when they have not.”

Following a Cal Coast Times article that included allegations that Nix made multiple false claims in her resume and on the stand, Dow hired Thomas.

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13 Comments about “Dan Dow hires discredited investigator to look into perjury questions”

  1. Lynne says:

    It is not so bad that the tax payers are funding this private investigator but he is the same one our Grand Jury said was inept and discredited . He was paid to give a clear bill of health for the corruption in the DA’s office.

    Well now that did not work so very well, I see former DA Investigator AJ Santana is posting plenty on various sites from FB to Judge Mikes site, slamming DA Dow his one time boss.

    I take it this guy must have something with Tracy Nix since they use to work closely together and now that Nix is a confirmed liar, fabricates and is a perjured person why he she still getting paid and working ? she has proven herself to be a bold faced liar and filed a fraudulent Bankruptcy to hide her assets . She is even involved in a recent indictment in which a local cop is accused in a series of sexual assaults .

    As Deputy DA’s Chris White, Kelly Manderino and others have learned not to trust this Tracy Nix she is toxic .

    1. PORAC says:

      We just learned that Commissioner Covello who is running for a Judge, has accepted monies from DA employee Tracy Nix who was recently exposed as a liar and a Perjured employee.

      That is shameful that a known Perjured DA Employee is donating funds while she ( Tracy Nix) is under a suspicious Bankruptcy. She should be paying those who she owes and not donating to her friend Covello, shame on Covello for accepting “Unclean Monies” he should donate it to a charity or return the dirty tainted monies

  2. JimBo says:

    No question the other night when the Tracy Denise Nix, scandal came up the DA tried to cover it up. The DA’s employee lied pure and simple.

    It is called PERJURY, meaning you lied under oath, Tracy Nix committed perjury as did her boss Dan Dow. I was seating by a guy who said he 0nce worked for this DA’s office as an undercover assignment but he was fired of an alleged perjury statement.

    He admitted he and this Nix gal had worked together many times over the past years, he said he doubts Dow will do anything, as the entire office knew Nix, AJ Santana, Cory Pierce. She apparently has something over the DA as Dow wants to protect this growing Scandal.

    Truth Be Told=Perjury seems to be OK with this DA, tow days ago new Judge Baltando has his first criminal trial, funny thing is the guy not only was Innocent and found NOT-GUILTY

    As it turned out the SLOPD Officer had testified two times and got caught lying under oath, what is the DA going to do

  3. AHowell says:

    That is why DA Dan Dow hired him was to cover up the lying Tracy Nix and her years of perjury and her fraudulent Bankruptcy. I see where she donated to Dan Dow campaign ?

    She also endorsed him where did she get the money as she is so much in debt she and her SLOSO Husband Commander Aaron Nix are Bankrupt. Is this maybe the missing funds from the Drug Task Force that went missing ?

    You can NOT I repeat NOT Trust the DA he too is a liar just like Tracy Nix

  4. PHK says:

    Something is very odd about this current Dan Dow, his office since he was elected several years ago has had more internal misconduct, he has had several members of his staff from Investigators, Deputy DA’s and other staff either fired, arrested, charged, committed Perjury and or quit.

    Even one employee was referred to the State Bar for discipline and yet the DA who is VERY close to her refused to discipline his close friend as she has something on him. Knowing 8 of the 13 Judges on the Bench, none of the judges want his reelected the reasoning is he (Dow) is dishonest .

    Far too many cases that are and were unjustly filed later to be dismissed or NOT GUILTY Verdicts, even the Appeals Courts have had to reverse convictions by Dow as being faulty, wrong, abuse of power and prosecution misconduct. We deserve better

  5. Tell the Truth says:

    So many lies, too many cover ups, Mr. Dow neither you or your cohort Tracy Nix are above of the Law. I wonder what are you covering up of her ? does she have the “Goods” on you for some illicit matters within your office or at an undisclosed location.

    You supposedly took an oath to up hold the US and Californians Constitutions, to protect against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic, the domestic part means right here in SLO. Yet you have shown a blatant disregard for the Rule of Law, The Truth, The Facts and above all you are yourself lying.

    As i see you have posted signs on properties of the same people whom in the past you have disdained, you have for political reasons wanted photos taken with people whom behind there backs you disdain, her are a few. You have claimed the “Wickedness of being Gay” yet you wanted your picture of Chief Cantrell who is gay for political reasons.

    You post a yard sign on several properties of people from India, Pakistan, Mali and others you made comments about your alleged bible faith yet you commit the one carnal sin tho shall not lie. You have a albeit short history as SLO DA yet you have a long record of filing false cases and ruing innocent people’s lives.

    You even went so far as to ask a local couple who are white and have adopted African Children to bring them for a photo op to gain votes showing you support White People adopting Black Children–Shame on You and am glad they said NO to your political scam.

    Why is it that after hours and on off days, holidays and weekends your ID has been detected going to the Court House ? assuming to your office but what where you really doing ? some of the time stamps also show your perjured and lying associate and friend Tracy Nix also was in the Court house with YOU ?

    As for your retaining the P.I. Richard Thomas at our expense, as he and his wife Sharon and others they brought with them to examine files, records, taped recorded calls, text messages, sealed court documents in one very crude attempt to conceal the fact you lied and Tracy Nix lied and continue to lie for you.

    How many people support you and yet do not know what you say behind their backs, I won’t mention names but many now know, from those who own Shell Gas Stations, Winery’s Ranches, Hotels, Motels where your office said is a heaven for sex trafficking, several members of your own staff and internal office officials no longer support you and their response was : Mr. Dow is not the person we thought he was when he made his originally bid for DA , he is now a pure “Politician” who cares only about higher office”

    You have let the entire community done lied and now are covering up something sinister and evil. What is your relationship with Tracy Nix ?

    1. Lynne says:

      She lied in a court case in which Kelly Manderino was the DDA who lost the case the 2nd DCA tossed the conviction out due to misconduct by both Tracy Nix and DDA, Manderino neither are fit to continue to be on the payroll.

      Both need to be fired and charged

  6. Kendra S says:

    As I know Mr. Dow and once thought he was a honest person, after recent revelations it is now apparent he is a liar, phony and unethical person only trying to cover his Ass, in this cover up of misconduct and outright lies, he is not fit to continue to be our DA.

    As the facts are out there that he both knew Tracy Nix is admitted perjurer and a liar for him and his office, my questions is does he have a intimate relationship with Tracy Nix, as he hired her knowing she is an admitted liar and perjurer.

    What is his personal relationship with her ? and why did he personally hire her and why has she donated to his campaign knowing she is a liar and has filed a Fraudulent Bankruptcy ?

    Why is she still working for him ? Who has been paying for this outside disgraced Investigator Richard Thomas, who is paying him ? our tax dollars ? did Country Rita Neal cover up as well, are the Powers at be in cohorts with him and her to protect from wrong doings and lies ? I can not in good conscience support Mr. Dow in his bid to be reelected as our DA.

    To hire a known bad and incompetent PI is bad enough, but to conceal the facts he knowingly hire a liar a fake, phony child abuse interviewer who has NO quantification’s to be anything is alarming. As was well said by several members of his own staff admitted Dow is using in his position to go after those who are innocent is disgusting and illegal.

    Dan Dow needs to be removed at Once to protect the children and those who have been falsely accused, the time is now to vote him out and then have him investigated for abuse of power. He is NOT FIT to be a DA for our County and he needs to be outed.

    I see where Rita Neal has withheld records and provided at the last minute records of Ian Parkinson’s 1 cell number, he has several other phones including his radio to the SLOSO but what concerns me the most is Dow is a Liar and allows his lady friend Tracy Nix o lie and then cover up and use a PI to help him cover up.

    Wr are a Nation of Laws and he is NOT above these Laws so Mr. Dow and Mrs. Nix stop your lying and perjured testimonials and you both need to be fired and then charged with Misconduct and Fraud, evidence tampering, neither of you are fit for duty.

    We the people do NOT support your cover ups and your lies

  7. Darla K says:

    This has now gone way overboard, it is now obvious we have a Dishonest and Dirty DA in this Dow guy. I have several friends in the County Government and some close in the DA’s office, one is an intern she has said the office is indeed dysfunctional and mean.

    But what the heck is going on inside ? What we now know is Dow is a Close Friend of his Girl Friday (Tracy Nix) what is being hidden , covered-up and lied about ? So we know Tracy Nix is a Liar, we know Dan Dow knew and covered it up, we know the Nix’s who make a fortune have a questionable Bankruptcy ? that should be a (RED) flag to anyone working in sensitive positions in the DA’s Office and her husband a Sheriffs Commander both friend of the DA.

    I see on form 460 for his election to the DA’s office Dow has been taking money from his own perjured employee who is in Bankruptcy ? I would check the evidence room for missing dope, jewelry, guns and money.

    To secretly hire an out of area Private Investigator , is flat out wrong as this is a Criminal matter and should be investigated by the State DOJ along with State Bar, to hold a Bar Hearing on Dow’s lack of honesty, lack of integrity, lack of professionalism, I remember he said in his campaign rhetoric, He has a new Public Integrity Division ? well is Tracy Nix on it as no one in your now fake unit knew you secretly hired a bad PI.

    You Mr. Dow need to step down and resign you are not ethical or honest.

  8. SADO says:

    Well now finally the cat got the mouse, as in the past two weeks surveillance/Eavesdropping has shown Dan Dow has gone to the Law Offices of this Illan Funke Bilu, Esq to discuss things to get covered up. As this lawyer is a honest and ethical person he according to Dow’s recordings with his assistant DA Eric D Esq., Illan Funke-Bilu would not cover up for the DA. Nor would he alter evidence of facts for the DA.

    Since right next door to the Law Firm of this Mr. Illan Funke-Bilu, Esq. is a small blue old home which is owned by the Cities Police Department where they can intercept communications, Fax’s, Text messages and all sorts of cell calls, land lines and more.

    Tracy Nix gets caught lying, records show she has been lying for several years, she is a former wannabe beauty queen, who loves to spend money she apparently does not have or has hidden . Expensive boots, hats, jewelry and guns, trips and more, sure hope the Grand Jury get involved with an outside master DA from another region.

    Why is this admitted and caught perjurer even still working ? as it is an election year for Mr. Dow and she needs him as much as he needs her, quid quo pro

  9. Yolanda says:

    This is the very same lady who lied in several CPS cases for the District Attorney office in the past 3 years. She has been well known as a inept, uneducated, lying under oath so many other times as well, makes me think of how many innocent people are in jail or dead because of her Perjury and misconduct.

    Why has she not been fired ? or placed on Admin. Leave and taken off cases as we now all know she is an admitted Perjurer, so this is the reason Deputy District Attorney White would not call her to the stand last month as they learned she (NIX) is an admitted liar for the DA’s office .

    According to some office staff several Deputy DA’s knew she was and is a liar and used her to falsely testify in cases. DDA’s who knew and did report her lies to Dan Dow, Linda Dunn, Kelly Manderino, Chris White, Andy Baird the list goes pretty deep. As i read the prior story of the Nix Federal Bankruptcy, how in the hell can she and her Commander SLOSO husband who combined make over $297,654.00 dollars go belly up ? and fail to pay their debts ?

    Yet Tracy Nix some how has the money to donate to her bosses reelection ? she gives money to Dan Dow, fails to pay creditors and still has money left over to high end shopping sprees. Look Mrs. (Aaron) Tracy Nix before you tow cheat anyone else pay your debts and stop donating to the Reelection committee for DA Dan Dow and his nemesis Ian Parkinson.

    The public and higher authorities need to know the truth and facts on these unraveling scandal, bribes, payouts, secret settlements, and inner office romances. When was Thomas PI firm hired ? how much is his contract for ? who hired him, why, what are the results of his interviews i had two friends whom he contacted, glad they tapped the calls so now there is evidence of what is going on and what is not going on.

    It is time for Mr. Dow to step down and Tracy Nix to be fired and charged with criminal acts and perjury. Both have thus far proven to be liars. Odd Bedfellows they are…….

  10. Mike says:

    Now the truth is starting to trickle out, so who has paid for this Private Investigator ? we the tax payers or Dan Dow who is on the taxpayer dollar as well as this lying, con woman Tracy Nix, I saw her in court in a closed sessions as all Juvenile sessions are closed to the Public.

    Yet there she was lying again, now it is time for the Presiding Judge Ginger Garrett to take action and request a formal Criminal Investigation into the illegal dealing of the District Attorney, Tracy Nix his close co-worker and dear dear friend who contributed to his re-election campaign .

    We now need a formal State Bar Investigation, Board of Supervisors Investigations, County Counsel Investigations, as well as a forensic audit of who, what, when and how much this Private Investigator got paid and what were his findings ?

    It might be best that the State Bar and State Attorney General’s office of Public Corruption now be called into as well as the FBI since they are hearing investigating the Jail’s many deaths.

    The People have a right to know who hired this PI and who has paid him and how much and what are the findings as we all know Dow lied, Nix Lied who else is Lying. Glad we learned this before the elections coming up….

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