Three men arrested over drugs and shotgun in Arroyo Grande

Nicholas Kosareff, Brenen Campbell and Robert Douangmala

After hearing of alleged drug activity occurring in an SUV on Sunday, Arroyo Grande police found a loaded shotgun and a police-style baton, as well as drugs, and arrested three men.

Police searched for a Ford Explorer after getting tipped off to drug activity involving the vehicle in the 400 block of South Elm Street. Officers found the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

Once officers searched the SUV and found the drugs, shotgun and baton, they arrested the suspects on charges of possession of a controlled substance and possession of a loaded firearm in public. Police have identified the suspects as Nicholas Kosareff, 26, Brenen Campbell, 26, and Robert Douangmala, 27.

Kosareff is a resident of Arroyo Grande, and both Campbell and Douangmala are from Bakersfield. Officers booked each of the suspects into the SLO County Jail with their bails set at $20,000.

Douangmala and Kosareff remain in custody, while Campbell is no longer in jail, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

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