Fifteen ASH patients test positive for methamphetamine

A total of 15 Atascadero State Hospital patients recently tested positive for methamphetamine, while others quartered in ASH could, as well, have been under the influence of the drug. [Tribune]

State hospital officials administered drug tests after some patients appeared to be under the influence. The drug tests were not mandatory, and seven patients refused the testing.

ASH staffers only administered the drug tests to patients who appeared to be under the influence. No staff members were drug tested.

Following the drug testing, on April 20, authorities placed ASH on lockdown. The lockdown of the hospital lasted four days.

ASH police searched all areas inside the secured treatment area of the hospital with help from Coalinga State Hospital K-9s. Authorities also stopped visitation and restricted patient movement during the lockdown.

The source of the methamphetamine remains unclear. Authorities have not made any arrests over the contraband brought into the state hospital.

Officials say there have been no known acts of aggression directly associated with the methamphetamine. Nonetheless, physical assaults carried out by patients frequently occur in ASH.

An investigation into methamphetamine supply is ongoing.

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  1. obispan says:

    There is a decades old “joke”, maybe, that the only people more screwed up at ASH than the patients were the employees.

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