DA Dan Dow fails to promote justice, supports buddies in blue


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is smoking gun video evidence worth proving San Luis Obispo’s District Attorney Dan Dow’s gross negligence of duty for refusing to file criminal complaints on certain Atascadero police officers and other Atascadero city employees for their criminal activity and violations of law and civil rights.

That’s right, Dan Dow’s office was given HD videos of criminal activity and civil rights violations and refused to investigate or file criminal complaints against the alleged parties – his buddies in blue and other Atascadero city employees.

The citizens should know that the city of Atascadero paid myself and another man in Dec. 2017 on one claim and face another lawsuit for civil rights violations incurred when a senior Atascadero police officer violated the law and my civil rights telling me that it was illegal for me to film in Atascadero City Hall and I would be arrested if I attempted to do so.

My story starts many years ago (and continues even today) when I learned first hand how negligent and flat out corrupt the Atascadero police department and San Luis Obispo’s District Attorneys offices were and still are!

But this article is not about me, it’s about my allegation of gross and criminal negligence of District Attorney Dan Dow, his cronies and puppet masters.

My allegations against Dan Dow are as follows:

1. Dan Dow accepted and knowingly filed false and misleading documents with the SLO County Superior Court. I was arrested for the crime of PC69 (physically stopping and threatening an officer from doing his job) against Commander Joe Allen, a man I had never met before. I want everyone to know that I was in New Orleans at the time. My bail was set at $100,000 thousand dollars, the normal bail amount for this alleged crime is $25,000 dollars. Why was my bail so high?

2. Dan Dow filed another criminal complaint with the court and sent the “Request to Appear” to a false address, intentionally, to cause grave economic harm as a warrant was issued for my arrest for $40,000 dollars. The judge rescinded the bail and allowed me to remain out of custody on my own recognizance after reviewing all the evidence presented.

3. Dan Dow did not like that I settled a recent civil matter so he filed an additional criminal complaint against me in a case with no victims or monetary loss to any party, further wasting judicial resources, time and tax payers money. This is a perfect example of Dan Dow’s “fair and the honest” judicial approach he likes to spew in his rhetoric for re-election.

4. Dan Dow abuses his position as district attorney for personal gain and agenda at the taxpayer expense.

5. Dan Dow goes after the homeless, the indigent, cannabis users and mentally ill but continually refuses to file criminal complaints against his “buddies in blue” and other government employees.

6. Dan Dow is a “yes man” and will file anything his buddies in blue, cronies or puppet masters tell him to file.

A civilized society needs laws and as such we need law enforcement. We, the people give individuals (law enforcement) the power to enforce those laws but we did not give them the power to act illegally, criminally or for personal agendas.

The very thread of society is the fact that we the people have a process to bring grievance against our state and federal government or elected officials without fear of retribution.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow is an elected official who abuses the power of his office to selectively enforce and harass anyone he so chooses.

On June 5, lets send a message to Dan Dow (and others) in San Luis Obispo County governments that we, the citizens will no longer except this type of behavior from our elected officials and leaders, period.

Vote for Judge Mike Cummins on June 5 and lets make 2018 the year of the citizen.

Rick Holiday has lived in San Luis Obispo County for more than 30 years.

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6 Comments about “DA Dan Dow fails to promote justice, supports buddies in blue”

  1. Kimberly Hanson says:

    We need a change in the DA’s office now we have that choice at the ballot box come next Tuesday, vote Judge Mike Cummins for DA.


  2. Clark Jenny says:

    It is past time for a change, we gave him 3 1/2 years and it has reeked havoc on the County and suits to settle. As for his gal pal Tracy Nix her lawyer is now trying to conceal the fact that Tracy Nix is a bold faced liar and committed Perjury.

  3. obispan says:

    If Dan Dow is to be faulted it is for waiting as long as he did and not being aggressive enough in his prosecution of Rick Holiday. How about an article about Rick Holiday, his illegal nightclubs, drug operations and elder abuse, soon to be heard in Federal court?

  4. Amir says:

    Interesting story, i have been told that some of his deputy DA’s have left the office to pursue other legal positions one being former DDA Matt Kraut who once supported Dow for DA but now is feed up and moved on to open his own practice to now defend those wrongfully charged by Dow’s vengeance for those he does not like and to indeed protect his as you say “Buddies”

    As a friend of mine a Muslim MD, who supports Dow problem is Dow does NOT like any Muslims as it interferes with his so called “Evangelical Religious Views’ as case in point two weeks ago the Central Islamic Society put on a candidates forum and Dow failed to show ?

    This is not the first time Dow has promised many things and failed to do them, as for Tracy Nix, my wife and I know her or knew her well, once of our MD, friends wife even has testified in cases involving child abuse and child sexual assault problem is Mrs. Tracy Denise Nix did lie under oath and in a closed hearing for juvenile court Judge Crandall did not believe her either.

  5. George V says:

    I must agree that Mr. Dow has and is a big disappointment, I realize he is a disgraced person among-est several of his current and former co-workers , he has been blasting his religious antics for some time, yet today he appears in a much publicized picture with the Chief Of Police of San Luis Obispo, CA a admitted Lesbian and outspoken person on Gay rights.

    He has said many rude, disrespectful and awful hated towards Gay people as he professes to be a might ethical and religious person and Gays according to Mr. Dow are headed to “Hell” he is not like by any members of the Bench, he has said terrible things about Judge Garrett as she too is Gay, as are several local Lawyers.

    He wanted the picture today so he could use it as a publicity stunt to gain votes for the upcoming election. So the Chief Cantrell gets used in the photo op as well, had she known had much the DA disrespects her for being Gay would shock you. He has made many racist and bigotry comments about people who do not follow his “Jim Jones” style of religion.

    As for this Scandal with (Tracy D. Nix) he is indeed covering it up as he knew she is “NO ANGEL” as he has said to several people, she is a bold faced lying corrupt County Employee who will soon be served with a major Suit…

    Dan Dow is actually quoted as saying his dear associate and friend Tray Nix is just like an “Angel” not so she is a deceitful, cunning, manipulative , crooked , lying person, who needs to be charged and fired why is Mr. Dow protecting her too ?

  6. Amie says:

    I do not know the matter you had to deal with Mr. Holiday, but i do know and have many friends and members of our Church that do know the DA. I spoke to them today at lunch.

    We learned indeed Mr. Dow is not a man of his word, nor is he a ethical or honest person, this comes from several members of his own inner circle staff, several former Deputy Prosecutors several who have now quit or moved on. We also learned that all 13 Judges we have are not trusting or supportive of Mr. Dow and his antics.

    In conclusion it appears he has not only protected the Criminal police, failed to charge several who have committed crimes including but not limited to Russ Griffiths, Kevin Waddell, Chad Pfarr, his own staffer who lied and committed perjury (Tracy Nix), his own Deputy Kelly Manderino who was refereed to be disciplined by the 2nd DCA Judges. Several others who are supporting him now that they have not been charged as the law mandates.

    One thing he is a politician not a prosecutor, he currently is sitting on several cases until after the election, one involves s Police Officer accused of a Violent rape and Sexual assault. We are no longer supporting Mr. Dow and believe the community would be better off with him gone.

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