Lynn Compton leads by 81 votes in the District 4 supervisor race

Supervisor Lynn Compton

With 17,715 votes cast, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton is beating Jimmy Paulding by 81 votes, according to unofficial results posted by San Luis Obispo County elections officials on Monday.

While Compton led early on election night, Paulding shot ahead only to end the evening 83 votes behind. On Friday, Paulding closed the gap to 31 votes.

While it appears Compton will likely win the seat, there are still 424 provisional ballots, 190 ballots with late registrations and several hundred ballots with voter errors that may be included in the final tally.

For the past three years, Republican supervisors Compton, John Peschong and Debbie Arnold have held a board majority and also the coveted board chair position. Democratic supervisors Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson promoted Paulding’s election bid in an attempt to take back the board majority.