Paso Robles police sergeant accused of on-duty rape

Sgt. Christopher McGuire

A Paso Robles police sergeant is on paid administrative leave as the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department investigates allegations of rape. The officer allegedly assaulted several women while on the job.

After one Paso Robles woman called 911 to report she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, Sgt. Christopher McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s house to give assistance. While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind.

McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his lap before taking her into her garage and allegedly raping her.

Interim Chief Ty Lewis confirmed Sgt. Christopher McGuire has been on paid administrative leave since May 9. Lewis said that because of the Police Officers’ Bill of Rights, he is not permitted to provide details of the allegations.

“After we became aware of serious allegations we reached out to the sheriff’s department and the DA’s office,” Lewis said. “While Chris has been on paid leave, we are fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.”

In late 2012, Paso Robles announced it had hired McGuire. McGuire started his career in 2003 with the Farmersville Police Department and had worked for the Porterville Police Department since 2007.

In 2009, McGuire shot and killed a man outside of a gym in Tulare. McGuire said the man had been tampering with cars in the parking lot, he mistook a cologne bottle for a gun and shot the man as he fled. The family of the victim did not agree with McGuire’s narrative.

For more than a year, residents of Paso Robles have accused McGuire of abuse of power, sexual misconduct and homophobia. Cal Coast Times will be providing information on several allegations in follow-up articles.

If you have information regarding McGuire, please call Karen Velie at 805-234-1703. Your identity can be confidential.

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2 Comments about “Paso Robles police sergeant accused of on-duty rape”

  1. K Missy says:

    Now that the DNA test has confirmed this raping Sgt. did rape several young under the influence woman do not expect DA Dow to do anything as he is a close personal friend of this Sgt.Chris McGuire they even go to the same church which makes this even worse.

    DA Dow has covered up many corrupt officers and employees in the DA’s office so i do not expect anything from his office so the AG must now get involved. All the sitting judges have voiced deep concern that the DA is out of his mind and has failed the people.

  2. Roberta M says:

    Truly a horrible event this Officer needs to be in custody and forget the Police Officers Bill of Rights, when a officer under the color of authority commits a crime a crime of sexual assaults is appalling .

    See his history of wrong doings in Farmersville, CA PD then to Porterville, PD gets sued for killing an unarmed man is not ever justified. According to some other officers this Sgt. McGuire would work the 6:30 PM shift to the 6:30 AM shift on purpose ? seems to be odd as a man who has a wife and 4 children seems odd he would be gone so much.

    Putting that aside, I learned from two others that Sgt. Chris McGuire was also involved in a case People v. Lindhorst a child abuse, pornography case in this case Sgt. Chris McGuire apparently lied under oath, misled the Judge, misled the facts of the case.

    He omitted facts, he lied about naked children and submitted a false and perjured report, in other words he is a liar in uniform. See case 2nd DCA Div. 6 7-27-16 file McGuire falsified this entire case. Now that he has gotten caught and apparently the DNA tests confirmed it is his, in a rape case while in uniform is disgusting other victims are now coming forward.

    Time to bring in the FBI and State’s Attorney to investigate this heinous crime, this officer is sick and needs to be removed at once, no more cover ups

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