Supervisor Lynn Compton wins race, loses restraining order

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Lynn Compton has continued to hold a lead over Jimmy Paulding in the race for the San Luis Obispo County District 4 supervisor seat, according to the latest count reported Wednesday. Compton has 9,183 votes to Paulding’s 9,128 votes.

With only 46 ballots which could possibly be counted and Compton’s 55-vote lead, Paulding is unable to overtake Compton.

Last week, Compton filed a lawsuit against SLO County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong asking him to stop allowing ballots with mismatched signatures to be corrected and counted. Compton asked Gong to stand by his previous determination that gave voters eight days to correct their ballots whether they forgot to sign the envelope or their signatures did not match.

Judge Barry LaBarbera initially granted a temporary restraining order but ruled on Wednesday against Compton. Because of the ruling, Gong can process the 34 remaining mismatched signature ballots if those ballots are corrected before he finishes the count.

Stew Jenkins, one of Compton’s attorneys, said he disagrees with the court’s ruling.

“We are pleased the court gave us a significant hearing on the request for temporary orders,” Jenkins said. “We disagree with the reasoning and the ruling and look forward to a full hearing on the merit that is scheduled for Aug. 2.

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