Carjacking suspect found hiding in a hot-tub

Deputies arrested a Santa Maria man on Friday who allegedly attempted a carjacking while armed with a machete, according to a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department press release.

Shortly before noon, a man was attempting to break into a vehicle at the Point Sal Trailhead when the owners of the car approached him. While wielding a machete, the suspect demanded the victims give him their car keys.

After he heard patrol vehicle sirens approaching, the suspect fled through a creek. During a search of the area, deputies located two machetes in the creek bed.

An area resident then notified law enforcement a man had walked through a field near the creek and into his home.

While checking the outside of the home, deputies located 20-year-old Brandon Jonathan Morales-Gomez hiding in an old hot tub.

Deputies arrested Morales-Gomez on suspicion of carjacking, robbery, theft of a vehicle, burglary and brandishing a weapon and booked him into jail with his bail set at $100,000.

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