Attorney challenges blood test in fatal DUI crash

Denise Fox

The attorney for a woman accused of vehicular manslaughter in the 2006 death of a Santa Margarita woman argued in court this week that the blood alcohol test was tainted.

On April 30, 2016, Jessica Lea Allred allegedly crossed a double yellow line while driving on Highway 58 east of Santa Margarita following the Pozo Stampede concert. Allred’s car crashed head-on into the vehicle of Denise Fox, 56, of Santa Margarita. Fox was pronounced dead at the scene.

While at the hospital after the crash, Allred was found to have a blood alcohol level of .17. Allred’s attorney Patrick Fisher disputes the reading, arguing the blood sample was mishandled by a registered nurse at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

It was the first tome that Shelly Burns had taken blood for a DUI case. The defense accuses Burns of swabbing Allred’s arm with an alcohol-based solvent before drawing the blood. An action which allegedly tainted the results.

On the defense side, CHP Officer Barry Williams testified that he saw the nurse swab iodine on Allred’s arm before drawing the blood sample. Burns said she did not remember drawing Allred’s blood.

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2 Comments about “Attorney challenges blood test in fatal DUI crash”

  1. Kim Miller says:

    After seeing this case several things are incorrect and out right false, first the Defendant Jessica Allred did NOT drive up to Poso Stampede with her Boyfriend as she testified today that is false, she drove up alone and he her boyfriend was a Cal Fire man who had already been camping there with his friends.

    She drove up by herself to the campground and yes they all starting drinking games early on, she was running late for her Cocktail job as Creeki Tiki bar, she was speeding and i find it odd that her boyfriend a cal-fire man did not testify ? nor did his fellow firefighters from the Santa Margarita station.

    She was intoxicated as she said she only had ? maybe three or so beers ? well no mention of the “Shots” I just saw the Tribune story just now posted and it is wrong, no sheriffs dept. staff were involved in the investigation it was all CHP, the blood sample was in fact taken twice they should have called the on duty ER nurse, the ER MD they smelled alcohol as did the on call Surgeon Dr. Fow who did not testify ?

    The name of one of the staff who took the sample the second time from the other arm was Stephanie Burns from Cuesta College, Sharon or Shelly B. something smells in this case, DUI is bad enough but to lie on the stand and misled the jury is another.

    How is it that the defendant delayed the case for 2 years ? so many witnesses gone, others forgot and more never were called this is selective fake defense, she is a well known documented local drinker from Bar to Bar Creeki Tekki, Frong & Peach Bar, Marstons Bar , then BlackSheep Bar were she left several months ago to bar tend in Los Angeles where no one would know that she went back to drinking and partying.

  2. S Leslue says:

    It is past time for Truth and Justice, two years ago a Grandmother, Mother and family woman was KILLED for no reason, to delay Justice so long so people forget or do not recall is outlandish.

    Ms. Jessica Allred admitted she had several alcohol drinks before driving off drunk and was late for work at Creek Tikki Bar in SLO she was speeding as several witnesses said and the reports indicated. She was a well known downtown drinker and partied a lot she even went to work at the BalckSheep Bar until she moved to Los Angeles where she is again Drinking, and a cocktail server nothing has changed. She did not have to post bail and is free living the high life.

    Several of her former co-workers have confirmed she is still drinking and never completed any sort of rehab or punishment. Facts are Facts she drove under the influence PERIOD. One of her former co-workers said that while speeding to work from Poso party she was using Spotify to change music when she crossed the line and killed a grandmother.

    Enough already, if you do the crime then do the time 10 years is a good start.

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