2 Grover Beach officers injured in scuffle

Grover Beach Officer Bradley Carey

Two Grover Beach police officers were injured Monday afternoon in a scuffle with a 23-year-old man they were attempting to arrest.

Shortly after 2 p.m., officers Roy Ituralde and Bradley Carey responded to a report of a man involved in a drug deal in the men’s restroom at Mentone Basin Park. Inside the restroom the officers encountered Trey Anthony Wilson of Grover Beach.

The officers attempted to arrest Wilson, but a violent struggle ensued, and the officers landed on the concrete.

During the struggle, Wilson escaped and fled into a nearby neighborhood. Wilson was found about two blocks away and was arrested without further trouble.

A fellow officer transported Sergeant Roy Ituralde to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital with minor injuries. He was later released.

Responders transported officer Bradley Carey to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center’s trauma unit for treatment of serious back and arm injuries.

Wilson was treated for minor injuries before officers booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of resisting an officer, battery with serious bodily injury on an officer and for two outstanding arrest warrants. Bail was set at $81,000.

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