San Luis Obispo’s unholy alliance of so-called “progressives”

SLO City Council

Opinion by concerned citizens

An unholy alliance of so-called “progressives” running our city and out-of-town developers is threatening to destroy San Luis Obispo’s small town charm by promoting excessive building heights and densities. Now City planners are proposing to extend these increased building heights and densities into the Upper Monterey Street neighborhood.

After a SLO Chamber subcommittee provided input to the council urging for a “moderate” height limit increase to 60 feet in the downtown core, the council in 2007 on a narrow 3-2 vote approved a maximum building height increase from 50 feet to 75 feet.

Eight years later, a citizen’s task force recommended modifying zoning regulations to allow efficiency units and “variable” (meaning increased) densities downtown.

To add insult to injury, the SLO Planning Commission this year received an MIG Consultant Team “white paper” advocating doubling downtown densities, promoting density transfers and increasing maximum building heights above 75 feet.

What can you do? Write letters opposing these building heights and increased densities to the planning commission and/or city council. You only have between now and Sept. 4, when the city council reviews the zoning regulations update to submit your letters and/or provide oral testimony.

Authors listed in alphabetical order: David Brodie, Allan Cooper, Diane Duenow, James Duenow, Keith Gurnee, David Hafemeister, Gina Hafemeister, Caryl Koberg, Sandra Lakeman, Cheryl McLean, Lydia Mourenza and Rick Racouillat.

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One Comment about “San Luis Obispo’s unholy alliance of so-called “progressives””

  1. Louie337 says:

    The practices of the Neoprogressives in SLO has become overdone. Doesn’t matter what the people, AKA, the Residents, think. 75 foot buildings downtown? We can no longer see the surrounding morros and peaks RIGHT NOW. That’s it! Shut down our famous viewshed and sell it to the highest bidder. Consider the outrageous, luxurious condos built on upper Marsh, they block not only the mountain views but the sunlight to the houses on the east side of the street. These long term residents that have lost everything in this neighborhood deserved better than this.

    The block wall (oh, oops, the bicycle building with only limited parking) at Chorro and Foothill stands like a monolith granting untold wealth to the developer. Dozens of residents spoke strongly against this style and size of this monstrosity yet to no avail. The developer had stuffed the ballot box as it were, by hiring a bunch of “ringer” “students” to come to the council meeting on this project and demand housing off campus. This is not the way to do business which respects a towns history and beauty. Tear down the ancient trees and put up a parking lot, to paraphrase the 60’s anthem. The council members and the Mayor are so into building at any cost, the higher the better, the more numerous, the better. What is their motivation? I can only imagine their true reasons for cowtowing to every whim that comes before them.

    So the 5 bowling alleys are gone from Chorro, but the developer of building has new plans for even more egregious purposes. Not much being currently built nor proposed to be built retains the nature and the beauty of our famous Central Coast.

    On some levels, we get it, the City is broke, primarly due to the fact the workers are not paying their proportion of their pension payments. Are we asking money from the developers of the dozens of proposed and already occurring projects in place and in the pipeline? If so, folks it is far too little, and far too late. Boot them all out and return this City to the Jewel it has always been. to H… with 85 foot hotels!!

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