Mother finds razors in kids’ shoes at Paso Robles Walmart


An Atascadero woman found two razor blades wedged inside children’s shoes while she was shopping with her daughter at the Paso Robles Walmart on Saturday.

Bonnie Yanez stated in a Facebook post that, while they were looking for shoes, her daughter pulled out the paper stuffing inside a shoe. A small razor that was about an inch long then fell out of the shoe.

Yanez said she looked at another pair of shoes next to the initial one and found another razor lodged inside. The blade was facing down, ready to cut anything that entered, Yanez wrote.

The mother said she immediately contacted Walmart staffers, who were apologetic.

“There are sick individuals in this world,” Yanez wrote on Facebook. “We washed and sanitized our hands, but be vigilant people. Anyone could have easily been cut.”

It is unclear if Paso Robles police are investigating the incident.

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One Comment about “Mother finds razors in kids’ shoes at Paso Robles Walmart”

  1. obispan says:

    If I were the cops I would be very suspicious of this. People seeking their 15 minutes of fame are more common that people who place razor blades to harm others. No shoes were found by others that had been tampered with.

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