Cal Poly student and seasonal lifeguard dies while surfing

Malcolm Feix

A Cal Poly student and seasonal lifeguard died while surfing in the Bay Area on Sunday, according to the California State Lifeguards.

Malcolm Feix, 20, was off-duty when he was surfing at Pomponio State Beach in San Mateo County. Lifeguards and first responders worked hard to save Feix, but did not succeed.

It is unclear what happened while the Cal Poly student was surfing. Officials have not disclosed a suspected cause of death.

Feix served as a seasonal lifeguard at Half Moon Bay. He was in his fifth summer working as a seasonal lifeguard within the state parks system.

The 20-year-old was studying electrical engineering at Cal Poly, according to his Facebook page. Feix began his studies at Cal Poly in 2016, the Facebook page states.

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