Poor planning is destroying San Luis Obispo

Opinion by Ben DiFatta

I was driving through San Luis Obispo at about 2 p.m.on a Thursday on my way to a doctor’s visit when I hit just about every red light making me almost late for my appointment.

I can imagine that these many streets were designed during horse and buggy days.

With all these high rise building’s being built what will be happening is the furthering of more over-crowded streets by auto’s and people who are passing through, have office’s there, who work there, and who will be living there. And don’t forget the tourist ands Cal Poly student’s, etc.

I know for a fact that all the parking structures are full by 8 am by those who work in SLO or those who are going to court, and those who are going to the SLO County Supervisor’s meetings on Tuesdays mornings.

I ask that everyone talk to the mayor and SLO City Council members, and maybe the planning department and tell them to start using some common sense and stop this flooding of more high-rise buildings that is plugging our streets.

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One Comment about “Poor planning is destroying San Luis Obispo”

  1. obispan says:

    Dear Ben, How much money do you donate to Adam Hill, Heidi Harmon and the SLO Progressives? None? Then you have no seat at the table just like the rest of SLO residents.

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