One third of SLO County homes at risk of wildfire damage, study finds

With wildfires raging across California, a new set of data has been released showing how much fire risk comes with living in each county in the state. San Luis Obispo County homes have higher wildfire damage risk than the state average.

In San Luis Obispo County, 38,300 homes, or 33 percent of housing units, have high to extreme risk of wildfire damage, according to Verisk Analytics, a New Jersey-based data analytics and risk assessment firm. Statewide, more than 2 million homes, or about 15 percent of housing units in California, have high to extreme risk of wildfire damage, according to the study.

California counties range from 0 to 88 percent in percentages of homes that have high to extreme risk of wildfire damage. Four counties — Alameda, Kings, San Joaquin and Sutter —have almost no homes that are of high wildfire risk. In another three counties — Merced, Sacramento and Yolo — only 1 percent of homes have high to extreme wildfire risk.

There are five counties, each of which are rural, in which 75 percent or more of homes have high wildfire risk. Alpine County has the highest percentage of homes with high wildfire risk — 88 percent — followed by Trinity County with 81 percent, Tuolumne County with 80 percent, Mariposa County with 78 percent and Nevada County with 75 percent.

In terms of numbers of homes at risk, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura and Alameda counties have the most housing units susceptible to burning in wildfires.

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