Coleen Kubel joins Arroyo Grande Council race

Coleen Kubel

On the last day to officially join the Arroyo Grande Council City race, Coleen Kubel filed nomination papers and joined four other candidates vying for two seats.

A member of the Arroyo Grande Architectural Review Committee, Kubel has lived in south county for 63 years, and has served on multiple charity and civic boards. She currently works as a general building contractor.

“Having attended both city council and South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District meetings, I understand the serious issues facing our city with regard to budget cuts and rising costs, including fire protection, traffic congestion, water conservation, business recruitment and responsible development including the need to simplify and expedite review processes,” Kubel said.

Kubel is endorsed by out-going Councilman Tim Brown. After eight years on the council, Brown has decided not to run for reelection.

There are currently five candidates competing for two seats including Kubel, planning commissioners John Mack and Terry Fowler-Payne, retired police officer, Keith Storton and former supervisor candidate Jimmy Paulding.

Kobel said she decided to run in order to correct current inefficiencies, to balance the budget, to help get the fire department under control and to be a council member who listens to the public.

“If I am elected, I want to do what the citizens of Arroyo Grande want,” Kubel said. “I will listen to what they are saying and try to push those requests forward to fruition.

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One Comment about “Coleen Kubel joins Arroyo Grande Council race”

  1. Coleen Kubel says:

    Thanks for all of the reply’s that I have received.
    George – Thank you, if elected I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

    Horse_Soldier – Thank You, nothing replaces day to day experiences, as we try and solve our problems in Arroyo Grande. I probably have more experience in years then almost everyone running for City Council.

    Noodly Appendages – Thanks for your question about “Fast Tracking” new development in Arroyo Grande. Ans: First of all I didn’t say “new development” in my interview, I stated “responsible development” and that “the review process needed to be simplified and expedited”. In my experience working with the city of Arroyo Grande, when it comes to “Fast Tracking”, I am talking about the Plan Check process for those projects that have already been approved by the Planning Commission to date, such as Accessory Dwelling Units, or new single family home permits or remodel permits, and especially new businesses. There is a huge backlog of plans waiting for permits. The current process takes an excessively long time, because of lack of personnel, and we run the risk of losing new or existing businesses which impacts our tax revenue in Arroyo Grande. New Large Developments need to go through an extensive planning review making sure that all amenities including, water, sewer, street improvements, and all other items listed in the general plan can be sustained, in a forward looking manor, not “Fast Tracked” as you have stated. Arroyo Grande is quickly running out of available development land within our city limits and that alone could be an answer to your building moratorium question. We need to preserve our declared open spaces for our future generation as well. The bottom line is, our traffic problems, our water problems, our safety both Law Enforcement and Fire, have to take priority over any new developments.

    March C – Thank you for your response, my response to your statement is that, “for anyone who considers running for city council, no matter who it is, you have to have a heart for working with people, and that means that you have to do your homework ahead of time, you have to consider the residents of Arroyo Grande before your own interests. I’m not running for City Council for my benefit, far be it, I am interested in protecting the interests of every single resident of Arroyo Grande, and being their advocate. I want people that I meet one on one to be able to look into my eyes, and know that I am there for them. Don’t just listen to my words, but watch my actions as well. You have to attend council meetings, and sanitation meetings, get involved in day to day problems facing the city, and most of all, experience for yourself the problems that you will be faced with, should you be elected. That is what I have done, and I hope my experience will benefit the residents of Arroyo Grande. As for others, actions speak louder then words as they say.

    kayaknut – Thank you for your response, I would say that most of the time, if you look at who is running, and why they are running, you can get a sense of the larger picture, and the overall strategy of the people behind the person running, if that makes since to you!!

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