Supervisor Hill promotes chosen candidates, bullies opponents

Supervisor Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill campaigns for political allies while bullying candidates he opposes for several local city councils.

Hill recently emailed several San Luis Obispo residents claims that mayoral candidate Keith Gurnee is an untrustworthy liar. At the same time, Hill asked SLO residents to support his favored candidates.

“On Sunday September 30th, my planning commissioner Dawn Ortiz-Legg and I will co-host a fundraiser at Dawn’s home in SLO from 2-5, with excellent wine and food, for the campaigns of: Heidi Harmon, Carlyn Christianson, & Erica Stewart,” Hill wrote in an Aug. 7 email. “More to come! Look for your invite soon! Sponsorships will be available!”

In two recent publications, New Times cartoonist Russel Hodin parroted Hill’s criticisms of Gurnee including an attempt to demean the mayoral candidate for sending opinion pieces to CalCoastNews. Hill titled his email “Hypocrisy, Deceit, & Blatant Lies.”

Gurnee wrote ” ‘Hill’arious” in a response email which appeared to further incite Hill.

“T-Bone, I love ya, just not in the way you desire… but now that you’re a Democrat you’ll find more tolerance and acceptance, as it must have been 45 years of hell for you in the GOP …if you need help with your journey just ask for it because you should not ever feel ashamed of being who you are (except for the lying and deceit part, that you need to be ashamed of)… I’m here for you, T-Bone, (but again, that’s meant platonically) you little minx!,” Hill responded on Aug. 11.

Hill began his latest tirade following a SLO Progressives candidates’ forum last month, Gurnee said.

“When he came out of the Heidi Harmon meltdown meeting, Hill poked his finger in my chest and said you need to tell the truth,” Gurnee said. “I have always told the truth and its readily apparent Hill cannot handle the truth.”

In the past, Hill has actively lobbied local city council members to vote for land use and marijuana businesses he supports. Hill has also actively campaigned for political allies who agree with his views, including Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals, and Arroyo Grande candidates Caren Ray and Jimmy Paulding.

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One Comment about “Supervisor Hill promotes chosen candidates, bullies opponents”

  1. Petersen Larry says:

    I’m shocked and saddened by Mr. Hills continue rants and coming unhinged, I thought after he went on Mental Health leave and he admitted he suffers from Mental Health issues he got help ?

    We all had hoped he got the much needed help ? apparently he did not or has re-lapsed to see his odd and Maladaptive Behavior issues have once again boiled over, I hope the powers that be in the County get him some serious help, before he hurts someone or worse.

    Having being told he fits the profile of what the Police and Mental Health Professionals have said he fits the 5150 code and should be institutionalized for a full evaluation and the protection of the community and himself. Adam please get some help

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