Multiple women accuse Paso Robles officer of sexual misconduct

Sgt. Christopher McGuire

Multiple women have accused a Paso Robles police sergeant of sexual misconduct, including rape, while on duty.

Late last year, a Paso Robles woman called 911 to report that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend. Sgt. Christopher McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s house to give assistance. While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind.

McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his lap, then taking her into her garage and allegedly raping her.

On May 9, McGuire was placed on paid administrative leave while the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department investigated the allegations of rape. He remains on leave while the district attorney’s office reviews the sheriff’s report.

For years, residents of Paso Robles have accused McGuire of abuse of power, sexual misconduct and homophobia. But because many of the alleged victims have drug or criminal histories, their reports may have been discounted.

In 2015, Brandon Wysocki was engaged to be married. Shortly after he arrived home from work one evening, his fiancee told him she had been raped by several police officers, including McGuire, Wysocki said. The woman accused the officers of accosting her on the street and then dragging her into a building where they raped her.

The couple reported the alleged rape to the sheriff’s department, but their report appeared to go nowhere, Wysocki said.

Several other Paso Robles residents have also accused McGuire of offering to overlook possible crimes for sexual favors.

McGuire started his career in 2003 with the Farmersville Police Department, and had worked for the Porterville Police Department since 2007. In late 2012, Paso Robles announced it had hired McGuire.

A few years before McGuire left the Porterville Police Department, he responded to a noise complaint at a home occupied by two lesbian women and allegedly slammed one of the women up against a wall. To protect her friend from further abuse, Eryn Wilson said she agreed to go outside with McGuire.

“He asked me why a hot ass girl like me was hanging out with a girl like her,” Wilson said. “He said he wanted to bend me over his car and talked about all the things he wanted to do to me.”

Wilson said that McGuire called her several times following the incident and tried to get her to go out with him. McGuire was married at the time.

If you have information regarding McGuire, please call Karen Velie at 805-234-1703. Your identity can be confidential.

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4 Comments about “Multiple women accuse Paso Robles officer of sexual misconduct”

  1. Hartwell Penny says:

    This guy has been on the payroll far too long, as his victims and they are many suffer, as this officer has a long and shady history of abuse of people, District Attorney Dan Dow as we now know is a very close friend of him they even go to the same church.

    I was told by more than one person that the DA has been in touch with him on this matter that is illegal and Dow should remove himself immediately at no time should the DA secretly speak to this Officer, now that Dow has the Investigation i do not believe he will file charges. I understand the officers wife and kids have moved and a divorce is in the process.

    The State Attorney Generals office needs to take the case and not the DA, both are bible radicals and neither like the Gay people as he once said it is a sin in the bible so it must be OK to harass them . Then to rape and sexual assault others is shameful i do not trust the DA’s office will file charges against his friend.

  2. George Walters says:

    Dow is the sole person to blame of the increase in crime and the decrease in convictions, too many are a farce and this Police Officer who happens to be close to Dow like Tracy Nix no charges is my bet.

    He needs to protect his A??

  3. Lars Young says:

    This indeed not the first time of his abuse of power, he has a dirty jacket on him from both Farmersville, PD, and Porterville PD, his dad as i recall was the local CHP commander for the Porterville region and had issues with him keeping a job in Police work.

    DNA confirms he is the culprit in at least some rapes, I rather doubt his dear friend and fellow church goer Dan Dow will file charges thus it needs to go to the US Attorney’s Office LA for civil rights violations under the color of authority as well to the States Attorney General Dow has given many of his buddies a pass this one is nor should get a pass.

    File a “Pitches” motion lets see what the PD’s have or have them shredded them already ? our DA is just as dirty for covering up people in his own office like AJ Santana, Kelly Manderino, Tracy Nix and others.

  4. Rich in MB says:

    While we don’t know if there is Fire yet….there certainly IS a lot of Smoke and the Law Enforcement Community OWE it to the Residents of the Area to get to the bottom of these allegations.

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