CHP helicopter rescues man holding on for his life near Ragged Point


A CHP helicopter rescue team saved a man who became stuck Monday in an extremely precarious position on a cliff near Ragged Point.

The man wandered off a trail while hiking in the morning from the beach to the Ragged Point Inn. Had he fallen from the position in which he got stuck, he undoubtedly would have died, the CHP said in a Facebook post.

Another hiker noticed the man and called 911. An H-70 helicopter crew then arrived at the scene and lowered a rescuer to the man.

At the time, the man was holding onto the cliff and unable to move. The rescuer managed to secure the man to a device, and the chopper then flew them a short distance to the Ragged Point Inn.

The hiker survived the incident without suffering any major injuries. CHP officials thank the Ragged Point Inn, Cal Fire and Cambria Ambulance for assistance with the rescue.


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