Santa Maria stabbing suspect arrested in Paso Robles

Randy Esparza-Estrada

A man suspected of stabbing a person in Santa Maria was caught and arrested on Thursday in Paso Robles.

At about 6:40 p.m. on Tuesday, the suspect allegedly stabbed a man multiple times in the 900 block of North Palisade Drive, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. The victim was transported to the hospital and was listed as being in stable condition.

The suspect fled the scene before officers arrived. Police later identified the suspect as 19-year-old Randy Esparza-Estrada of Santa Maria.

On Thursday, detectives served an arrest warrant in the 1200 block of Creston Road in Paso Robles. Officers arrested Esparza-Estrada without incident and booked him into jail.

Tuesday’s stabbing was one of two attempted murder cases in Santa Maria in a single day. Earlier in the day, a man was shot multiple times and found lying on the ground wounded.

Police later arrested several suspects who were connected to the shooting, as well as multiple robberies. The shooting was believed to be gang related.

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