Dockside 3 in Morro Bay closing

The Dockside 3 restaurant in Morro Bay is slated to close in less then two weeks. The iconic building will be torn down and replaced with parklet and public space.

Located on the Embarcadero, Tognazzini’s restaurant is a Morro Bay landmark.

Three buildings in total are to be demolished including the Morro Bay Landing, the Paddleboard & Kayak shop and Captain Stews.

City officials have approved a 5,800 square foot building, parking area and public space to replace the three buildings. The new structure is slated to house the Morro Bay Landing, an oyster company and a restaurant.

The Morro Bay Historical Society would like to move the Dockside 3 building to use as the city’s first historical society building and a visitor center. The group needs about $30,000 by Oct. 15 to fund its plan.

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