California governor invites Heidi Harmon to Global Climate Action Summit

SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon

California Gov. Jerry Brown has invited San Luis Obispo Mayor Heidi Harmon to the Global Climate Action Summit, an event that will take place next month in San Francisco and aims to “decarbonize the world.”

Harmon posted on Facebook a letter Brown sent to her, inviting her to the summit. The San Luis Obispo mayor said she is excited to be attending the event.

“I am so excited and honored to be invited by the governor to join the leaders from around the world at the Global Climate Action Summit,” Harmon said. “San Luis Obispo has done a lot just in the past year and a half on climate action. And we’re going to be doing even more as we move into a net zero future for our city. After being an activist around climate change for so long and now an elected official, it’s wonderful to see so many people joining from around the world to take action on the defining issue of our time.”

The Global Climate Action Summit celebrates the achievements of states, regions, cities, companies, investors and citizens with respect to climate action, according to the event’s website. Additionally, the event serves as a launchpad for deeper commitment and accelerated action from countries working to prevent climate change and realize the Paris Agreement.

Last year, President Donald Trump announced the United States would withdraw from the Paris Agreement. Brown wrote that 2018 marks a critical milestone to secure increased ambition under the Paris Agreement.

Brown is serving as a co-chair for the Climate Action Summit. All attendees are required to report the climate action efforts they have already undertaken and to make new commitments to greater action.

“To decarbonize the world requires sustained and heroic efforts on the part of leaders,” Brown said in the letter to Harmon. “I look forward to working with you to do everything we can to achieve our goals.”

In San Luis Obispo, Harmon has faced criticism for backing efforts by environmentalists and bicycle enthusiasts to create bicycle boulevards yet simultaneously approving large housing developments. A leading critic of the city’s bicycle boulevards and development policies, Keith Gurnee, is currently challenging Harmon in her bid for reelection.

The Global Climate Action Summit will take place Sept. 12- through 14 in San Francisco and will be streamed live on social media.

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4 Comments about “California governor invites Heidi Harmon to Global Climate Action Summit”

  1. Louie337 says:

    Looks good on a resume when one is running for higher office. However, having been invited to these events in my own past, little if anything is accomplished in actual action. It would be far better that the Mayor stay in town and push for real solutions to the serious climate problems all over the once great city of San Luis Obispo. The main solution to which is NOT building thousands of more homes in the city WITHOUT adequate water and other critical infrastructure. Every new single house, condo and apartment built in this city with its surrounding mountains and hills, contains the seeds of the demise of our once great city. Buy old houses and fix them up and KEEP Poly students on campus, so they don’t need to drive so often from private residences to campus and contribute greatly to the pollution of our area through traffic congestion with all those engines just running at the congested intersections. Be real. Seek REAL solutions right here and LISTEN to the residents with respect.

  2. Sulla says:

    And which carbon neutral method of transportation will the Mayor use to get to the “Global Climate Action Summit”?

  3. Boldguy says:

    When are City employees getting their battery powered cars, trucks and equipment?
    How about outlawing all internal combustion engines within the City limits!!!
    Go Heidi Go!!!

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