Historic Alex Bar-B-Q building torn down by mistake

During what was supposed to be a remodel, a contractor tore down the historic Alex Bar-B-Q building in Shell Beach on Tuesday.

Built in the 1930s, the building has been a local gathering spot for almost 80 years.

Several years ago, the restaurant shut down while its owner, Compass Health, planned a remodeled. During the renovation, an engineer found a tower to be compromised and the worksite was deemed unsafe.

Working under a remodel permit, Kain Construction garnered a permit to tear the tower down. But Tuesday morning, workers demolished the entire building.

After discovering the demolition, the city posted stop work signs at the site. City administrators are considering revoking the permit while they work to learn how the miscommunication occurred.

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3 Comments about “Historic Alex Bar-B-Q building torn down by mistake”

  1. obispan says:

    This is very likely not to have been an accident. The job should have been bid off of approved plans. The price clearly included demolishing the entire building. The question is does the owner get away with it? Will there be a slap on the hand with a nod and wink by the City seeking ever more revenue and in bed with developers? A Stop Work Order? Why? You might as well dispense with the charade and let them haul off the rubble. The only thing that would make me think different would be the City requiring the building to be reconstructed as original. I wouldn’t bet on it. If you want to, I’m taking action at seemingly good odds.

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