Gurnee vows to stay above the fray

T. Keith Gurnee


As a candidate for mayor of San Luis Obispo, I want to bring your readers awareness of what I’ll be doing to “stay above the fray” in conducting a positive campaign for elected office:

I’ll abide by the letter and substance of the League of Women Voters’ “Civility Resolution”, the document that should serve as the moral compass for all candidates in this campaign.

I will respond to my opponent’s actions only in the spirit of “disagreeing without being disagreeable.”

I’ll take the high road, not the low road, throughout my campaign.

I’ll respect my opponent, regardless how this campaign unfolds.

I’ll only speak the truth of what I know to be the truth.

My campaign will not remove any candidate’s yard signs.

These are contentious times in the community I love. All of us running for office, not just the mayoral seat, owe it to ourselves and to our community to be respectful of each other in running campaigns that accentuate the positive. That’s my pledge to stay above the fray, and I remain confident that all candidates will join me in this endeavor.