Who is AG mayor candidate Caren Ray working for?


It’s a silly season again, campaign rhetoric about who’s supporting whom — when the signs say it all. A quick drive around Arroyo Grande and you’ll see Caren Ray signs on developer owned vacant properties. On the other hand, many small business owners are showing their support for Mayor Jim Hill, with signs proudly displayed in front of their businesses.

When I see the yellow re-elect Jim Hill’s for mayor it reminds me that he is a person that proceeds with caution which is the type of representation our city requires. He methodically analyzes each issue and votes in the best interest of the ratepayer.

Mindful of my pocketbook, Jim Hill as mayor has refused city benefits, putting us citizens and our cost before himself.Jim Hill is genuine, kind, and intelligent and thoughtful. Our city needs his gentle persona as it faces important issues.

Jim Hill is a truth seeker; investigating John Wallace resulted in restitution.

Caren Ray is on record dismissing the Grand Jury report that identified John Wallace’s conflict of interest. Ray marginalized the jurors by saying, “The Grand Jury report was written colloquially, with unprofessional finger-pointing.”

Caren Ray obstructed the pursuit of restitution and worked to discredit our mayor, costing us the ratepayers $100,000 and Mayor Hill was found innocent, how ironic!

Do I trust Caren Ray with my pocketbook?…I think not!

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