Candidate Caren Ray does not have our interests at heart

Councilwoman Caren Ray


So Hash House Harrier Caren Ray is ladder climbing in her run for mayor of Arroyo Grande. Her stepping stone approach to unseat Lynn Compton as Fourth District San Luis Obispo County Supervisor does not go unnoticed.

Ray is willing do whatever it takes to claw her way back to that coveted Supervisor seat. Conveniently rolling that developer money over from her council campaign into the mayor’s race and has her hand out for more.

Once back on the council, Ray’s first order of business was to ‘black the eye’ of current mayor and gentleman, Jim Hill. She made the motion to ask the sanitation district board to join in an investigation for so-called “misconduct” — as reported by the not-so-reliable sources Patty Welsh and Mary Lucey.

Ray and the sanitation district board members have a cozy relationship; Linda Austin from Oceano and John Shoals from Grover Beach, both are currently under investigation for conflicts of interest by the Fair Political Practices Commission and both have endorsed Ray.

Not surprising Ray is a-okay with conflicts of interest; she totally blew off the Grand Jury’s report identifying sanitation district administrator John Wallace’s conflicts of interests too and was endorsed by Wallace in the 2014 Supervisor race.

Remember those folks that the Tribune endorses often do not have our interests at heart and they are set upon their own courses.

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