Scaremongering over fracking confuses voters


There is no fracking in San Luis Obispo County, and even Measure G supporters admit that the county’s geology doesn’t support fracking. What Measure G will do is shut down existing oil and gas production in San Luis Obispo County, along with the jobs, tax revenue and economic activity it supports.

Measure G would lead to the loss of 230 good-paying jobs directly related to oil and gas production in SLO County – and even more jobs in local businesses that depend on the oil and gas industry. Those jobs are vital to the people who hold them and the families that depend on them.

It’s baffling that Measure G activists are willing to sacrifice those jobs to ban something – fracking – that isn’t happening in SLO County.

Oil and gas produced here is consumed here in California – not exported abroad. Shutting down oil and gas production here will increase our dependence on imported foreign oil from countries with poor environmental and human rights regulations.

Oil and gas produced in SLO County is done so under the highest regulations in the world and provides more than 200 local jobs.

Let’s keep it local. Vote “No” on Measure G!

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3 Comments about “Scaremongering over fracking confuses voters”

  1. Boje Loveny says:

    JOANIE BROWN, You are misinformed. All existing oil and gas production in San Luis Obispo County, along with the jobs, tax revenue and economic activity it supports are exempt in this measure and will NOT BE SHUT DOWN. You are just plain wrong about how many jobs are effected. 76 max MAY be affected. You are the Scaremonger. G.W. Bush said “We must wean ourselves off of Oil and Coal” More than 20 years ago! When do we start weaning? Start NOW. Yes on G

  2. HD6459 says:

    Facts matter. Let’s begin to access your statements. According to Voter’s Edge and the SLO County Fiscal Impact Statement (both neutral analyzers), 32-76 local jobs “might” be impacted. However, since existing wells ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE OPERATING AND BE MAINTAINED according to DOGGR definitions of maintenance (including acidization,) there should be ZERO impact to local jobs. “The measure bans any new petroleum extraction but permits as a ‘nonconforming use’ any petroleum extraction existing on the effective date of the measure (10 days after the vote approving the measure is declared by the board of supervisors [Elec. Code, § 9122]; hereafter “the effective date”). Such extraction may not be enlarged, increased, or otherwise expanded or intensified after the effective date. “
    — RITA L. NEAL County Counsel
    2) oil from AG area is sent to the Bay area and exported overseas. We use none locally. Hence, no impact to local gas prices. 3) Because fracking is not done here NOW, does not mean the technology won’t be developed to allow it to be. IN nearby Kern County, 1/2 the new oil wells are designated for Fracking. 4) The federal government has just recently proposed that the Carrizo Plains National Monument and Los Padres National Forest both be opened for oil drilling and fracking (enhanced production) operations.

    Voter’s Edge is an excellent and easily understandable site for the pro’s and con’s of the issues (and candidates before us.)

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