Is Caren Ray attempting to intimidate voters?

Coleen Kubel


I am a candidate for a seat on the Arroyo Grande City Council. I am running because I love the people of Arroyo Grande, and I have always loved helping people. I have been in public service in one way or another for over 40 years.

I have held precious lives in my hands while working as a 911 dispatcher, dispatching police, fire, and ambulance services to you, when you need help, or your house was on fire. I have seen the worst of mankind and the best of mankind and I can tell you, what I have witnessed in the past several weeks in the political campaigns for various offices in Arroyo Grande is beyond the pale.

I am writing this opinion piece because I want to make the citizens of Arroyo Grande aware of what is going on politically in our city. Some of you will believe me some won’t, but that is OK, this is the United States of America, and you have a right to your opinion, and so do I.

I also have a right to run for office, unobstructed, peacefully, and engage in very important conversations with the citizens of Arroyo
Grande without having someone mis-character my reasons for wanting to run for office, steal my signs, damage my signs, or any other behavior that could be considered intimidation of voters.

I have just been made aware of robo calls and texts that are being circulated that smack of voter intimidation. I will not repeat the entire script but the part that is troubling to me is “in order to keep your family safe, you need to vote for Caren Ray and Jimmy Paulding.”

Let’s think about this logically, if that were the case, why then, did the Arroyo Grande Police Officers Association endorse myself and Mayor Jim Hill only in this campaign, not Caren Ray and Jimmy Paulding. I have just given you part of my background in law enforcement, I refuse to believe that the citizens of Arroyo Grande can’t see through this voter intimidation attempt to gain votes anyway that they can.

Please understand that I and Mayor Jim Hill, are more interested in keeping the citizens of Arroyo Grande safe, then those putting out the false robo calls. We want our police department to be brought up to full staff to protect you! We want our fire department to be brought back in house to protect you, and save you money while doing that.

I am very saddened that the Fire Authority was brought into this as being a sponsor of one of the robo calls. They are better than that, and they know the truth.

Let’s stop this kind of campaign of false statements, voter intimidation, and let’s stop the sign wars. It’s ridiculous when property owners find signs in their yards or businesses that they did not give permission to have placed there, or signs stolen, of which I am a victim of, or Mayor Jim Hill’s sign’s, 11 of them damaged, along with city sidewalks, and city walls, and private property.

We are better than this in Arroyo Grande, and all of us should be standing up and saying “no more” of this kind of behavior. Why are we as citizens of AG allowing this to happen??

To my fellow AG City Council candidates, please do not let yourself be pulled into this kind of campaigning, you are all very special people, and we all deserve to be elected on our records, not on false statements or actions that would interfere with other candidates legitimate attempts to be elected fairly, and honestly.

Thank you, from a city council candidate who wants the best and safest city that we can possibly have in Arroyo Grande, who sincerely likes all my opponents, and who will always be looking out for you, my friends, and neighbors.

Coleen Kubel is a candidate for a seat on the Arroyo Grande City Council.

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