Follow the Measure G money trail

Greg O’Sullivan


Measure G is a non-partisan issue, even though the Big Oil companies, and their in-county consultant Supervisor John Peschong’s Meridian Pacific (who has been paid $600,000 to run the no campaign, as well as Jordan Cunningham’s Senior Advisor Aaron Hanke of Sacramento has been paid $30,000, and coincidentally used to work for Meridian Pacific.) are trying to do so. This is why certain elected and appointed conservative officials are speaking against the measure. Just follow the money.

The issue is simply do we as county residents want to gamble our water quantity and quality to allow future well drilling/fracking. It shouldn’t matter if we are conservative, liberal, moderate, etc.

As a past Fire Chief and an elected official in our County, I know and understand the importance of the quality and quantity of water. Over 50 oil/gas wells have been drilled in North County and are awaiting the rising price of oil to make them profitable to develop. 481 new wells are planned in South County. Let’s not allow the oil expansion in our county that uses millions of gallons of water while contaminating and depleting our ground water.

The no campaign is using the same playbook as the cigarette companies.

Create doubt and confusion, attack and discredit the science, and disseminate false information (other words for lie.) The truth is that the measure allows current wells to utilize, including maintenance. This ensures current jobs and tax revenues are not in jeopardy.

Don’t fall for their lies. Learn the truth by reading the ordinance for yourself; go to Protect SLO.

Don’t be mislead by the millions of dollars being spent by Big Oil on slick mailings that are filled with lies. Vote Yes on Measure G.

Greg O’Sullivan retired after 12 years as the Templeton fire chief. He then spent four years as a member of the Templeton Community Services District Board.

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  1. Bud says:

    Sorry boy’s and girl’s. If you don’t want to produce oil at home then sell your cars and all fossile fuel addictions you have. No fuel. Simple. Go Green? Yeah. How nice. Lets move somewhere else.

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