Measure G promoters attempt to confuse voters

Edie Knight


An Oct. 18 Tribune article reported: “Yes on Measure G proponents have acknowledged that the language of the initiative is confusing.” I’m starting to wonder if the confusing language is on purpose because even Measure G supporters are confused about the initiative’s language.

We’ve heard them give conflicting explanations about what kind of oil well maintenance Measure G does and doesn’t allow. Measure G leader Charles Varni’s rhetoric makes it crystal clear he hates oil and gas production and wants to shut it down in San Luis Obispo County.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts that if Measure G passes, Measure G supporters will file lawsuits claiming some routine maintenance activity at the Price Canyon facility violates Measure G and seek to shut it down – their current campaign promises notwithstanding.

Don’t believe Varni and the Yes on Measure G crowd: if it passes, oil and gas production in SLO County will shut down – and that is exactly what they want. Vote No on G.

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