Who is Council Member Caren Ray working for?


Arroyo Grande candidate for mayor Caren Ray points to her endorsement from staunch Republican, Katcho Achadjian, as a testament to her bipartisan support.

Achadjian’s bread is buttered by the car washes, mini marts and gas stations he owns in the south county; three of which are located within a half-mile of each other in Arroyo Grande. One of them, the Shell Station, on the corner of Grand Avenue and Branch Street is subject to modification by Option 1 of the Brisco Road Interchange Project.

Ray stated at the candidate’s forum of the $9 million dollar cost of Option 1: “This is almost, to me, almost a fatal flaw because it requires the closure of a local business and we just don’t do that here.”

In reality, Option 1, as designed so far merely impedes upon the Shell Station by removing one gas pump. The city has not said it would close the business. Perhaps that is Achadjian’s position?

What is best for the city is what matters. Having both been SLO County supervisors Ray and Achadjian know the process and final project price will include compensation for his loss. There will be an appraisal, friendly or unfriendly condemnation and negotiations for any diminution of private property.

Since Ray is already on record opposing Option 1, Achadjian’s endorsement is obviously in his own best interest and not about some phony ‘across the aisle’ affirmation.

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