SLO district attorney permitted to personally prosecute case

District Attorney Dan Dow

Judge Barry LaBarbera ruled Friday that San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow can personally try a sexual assault case against a Cambria man.

Last month, attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu filed a motion that Dow should be disqualified from prosecuting the case because of a conflict of interest. In the motion, Funke-Bilu said Dow caved to political pressure placed on him by an alleged victim’s lawyer during the height of Dow’s recent reelection campaign.

Herbert Connor is charged with sexual battery, inflicting corporal injury and assault with intent to commit rape over an incident in which he allegedly forced himself on a 67-year-old woman, groped her and caused her to fall into a door jamb while she tried to escape. Connor and the woman previously had a sexual relationship, though there are conflicting accounts as to the nature of their encounters.

Though prosecutors had previously planned to drop the charges against Connor, in June, shortly following Dow’s reelection, he appeared in court to try a case for the first time during his tenure as district attorney. Sitting district attorneys very rarely personally try cases in San Luis Obispo County.

Both Dan Dow and the State Attorney General’s Office argued that the election was over by the time Dow took over the case, an argument LaBarbera appears to have agreed with.

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3 Comments about “SLO district attorney permitted to personally prosecute case”

  1. Gabby Henderson says:

    Agreed, it is time for a new District Attorney, as so many of his former Deputies have left the office to be either Defense Lawyers or Civil Lawyers, three said they no longer has confidence in Dow’s ability to run a ethical and Honest DA’s office.

    Corruption runs deep in his office, just recently he offended several woman in his office so where is his #metoo movement ? has Dow been sleeping around ?

  2. Depew Lars says:

    Very odd, as Mr. Dow has used his position to circumvent the due process of the rule of law, he is personally involved i suspect since he has lost so many cases and since he refused to prosecute several of his now Former Cop friends for sexual assault as well as the big one that had DNA.

    That being the corrupt Former Sgt of Paso PD Chris McGuire who admitted he sexually assaulted several woman, many while on duty under the color of authority yet Danny Boy will not charge ?

    According to insider information from his own staff who do NOT like him their are a few more “OLD MEN” alleged sexual assault cases pending. 12-13/15 or 2018 is one that is a real shocker since the victims in this case have all admitted they lied to Detective Walsh yet she processed it any way.

    Det. Walsh who is married to officer Joshua Walsh is an interesting matter that will no doubt be revealed in trial. Dow and his alleged SEX team are falling apart at the seems. I recall a Saturday fun day at commissioner Child’s home with several of the judges and commissioners all agreed on one thing Dow can not be believed or trusted.

    Then Dow calls the Father of the Late Andrew Holland and try to read bible scriptures to Mr. Holland on why he would not prosecute the SLOSO office for any crimes .

    One fake victim in a new he said she said case is Paulette Taggart and the other fake victim is Kai Lynch both are friends and hatched a plan to shake down a old guy who is dying ? $ Follow the money

    For the first time in our local History the DA’s office has lost more bogus cases than any other elected DA, smells like his office is his own Kingdom of God yet he lies, cheats, cover ups and then lies some more. I’m all in for a recall or impeachment of him.

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