Three alleged Paso Robles bank robbers caught after speeding on Highway 101

Edward Ivan Ochoa, Jose Christian Ramirez, and Luis Rios Rico

Authorities tracked down three of the men who allegedly robbed a Chase Bank in Paso Robles on Tuesday after they were spotted driving in a getaway car at more than 100 mph on Highway 101.

Shortly after 6 p.m., five robbers dressed in black clothing, wearing masks and armed with handguns and a rifle, entered the Chase branch at 194 Niblick Road and demanded cash. Before leaving the bank, one of the robbers struck a bank employees on the eye with a rifle.

The suspects fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Following the robbery, Paso Robles police relayed a description of the suspects and their vehicle to local and state law enforcement agencies. The CHP then located a vehicle matching the description that was traveling more than 100 mph on northbound Highway 101.

CHP officers stopped the vehicle and found three occupants matching the descriptions of the robbers. CHP officers detained the suspects, while Paso Robles police made their way to the scene of the traffic stop.

Paso Robles officers arrested Edward Ivan Ochoa, 30; Jose Christian Ramirez, 29; and Luis Rios Rico, 21, on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping with intent to commit robbery, conspiracy, providing false information to a police officer and a parole hold.

A press release issued by the Paso Robles Police Department does not mention the whereabouts of the other suspects. It is also unclear what happened to the stolen cash.

The three captured suspects are currently being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with their bails each set at $1 million.

An investigation into the bank robbery is ongoing. Anyone who has information about the robbery or the individuals involved is asked to contact the Paso Robles Police Department at (8050 237-6464 or anonymously call Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.