Fourteen-year-old flees AG police in stolen car after posting photo with gun

A 14-year-old boy whom police thought was in possession of a pistol led Arroyo Grande police on a high-speed chase in a stolen vehicle on Monday. 

Earlier in the day, the teen posted a picture on social media of himself and what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol. In the picture the teen was driving a stolen vehicle near Arroyo Grande High School, police said.

After Arroyo Grande police were alerted to the situation, they located a vehicle matching the description of the stolen car near the intersection of Cienaga Street and Valley Road. 

Officers attempted to stop the vehicle, but the teen did not yield and a pursuit ensued. During the chase, the teen threw what appeared to be a pistol out a window of the vehicle he was driving. 

Police later located the weapon and determined it was a BB gun.

After the pursuit reached unsafe speeds, the police watch commander called it off. In the early evening hours, officers found the vehicle parked and the teen inside it.

Officers arrested the teen on charges of felony possession of a stolen vehicle and felony evading a police officer.

Both Arroyo Grande police and Arroyo Grande High School administrators are aware of additional social media posts that were created by an individual or individuals from out of the area, police said. Those posts pose no threats to the safety of students and staff members.

Arroyo Grande police are continuing to network with partnering law enforcement agencies to monitor the social media posts.

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