Man charged with murder after leading deputies to body

Nancy Woodrum

San Luis Obispo County sheriff deputies have arrested a man for murder in the case of Nancy Woodrum of Paso Robles, who had been missing for more than seven months.

On Tuesday, 42-year-old Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores of Paso Robles led investigators to a body in a rural area off Highway 58 in eastern San Luis Obispo County. Investigators have identified the remains as Woodrum.

On the afternoon of May 4, Woodrum was last seen by neighbors in the 5800 block of El Pharo Drive.

Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores

In September, Investigators determined DNA evidence found at the scene likely belonged to the person responsible for Woodrum’s disappearance. In December, investigators determined the DNA matched Fuentes Flores, a painter the victim had hired to do work at her home.

On Tuesday, deputies conducted an interview with Fuentes Flores, who then showed them where the body was, according to a press release. Investigators believe Fuentes Flores acted alone.

“This was a difficult case from the beginning, but I am extremely proud of the tenacious efforts put forth by the investigators in this case,” Sheriff Ian Parkinson said. “I am also hopeful, this arrest brings some amount of closure to the family of Nancy Woodrum.”

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