DA charges second juvenile over Santa Maria murder

A second juvenile has been charged with the murder of a Santa Maria man who was shot and killed in November.

Shortly before midnight on Nov. 2, Salomon Morales-Robles was shot and killed at 1240 West Bethel Lane, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. The murder was followed by two more shootings shortly after midnight on Nov. 3, in which a pair of victims suffered gunshot wounds but survived.

Early on Nov. 3, Santa Maria police arrested a juvenile who was accused of killing Salomon Morales-Robles. Police detained two other suspects following the shootings but then let them go.

On Thursday, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley announced charges had been filed against a second juvenile over the murder of Morales-Robles. The second juvenile is also accused of involvement in the pair of shootings that followed the murder.

Carlos V., 17, is charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder, as well as enhancements for being armed with a firearm while committing the crimes and for committing the crimes in association with and for the benefit of a criminal street gang.

The case is initially being filed in juvenile court. Carlos V. was scheduled to appear in court Thursday for an arraignment hearing.

Authorities are withholding the defendant’s full name because of his age.

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