New sanitation district board votes against Wallace lawsuit

John Wallace

Shortly after a new member joined the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District board, its members voted not to seek a civil lawsuit against former administrator John Wallace.

Noting issues with statutes of limitations, the sanitation district announced Thursday any legal actions against Wallace would be “subject to dismissal.” For 27 years, Wallace worked as the sanitation district’s administrator.

In March 2018, Wallace pleaded no contest to two misdemeanor conflict of interest charges as part of a plea deal that allowed him to avoid a trial on four felony charges. Shortly afterwards, former sanitation district board member Jim Hill asked the board to look into getting restitution for rate payers.

Following the plea deal, Hill pressed fellow board members Linda Austin and Barbara Nichols to pursue justice for rate payers through a civil lawsuit. The members refused to agendize a discussion until sanitation district administrator Jeremy Ghent asked the board to finish the discussion.

For years, several elected officials argued against an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by Wallace, including Caren Ray who shortly after joining the sanitation district board, voted not to seek civil action against Wallace.

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  1. Rich in MB says:

    The Establishment takes care of their own….knowing that they will be taken care of down the road if needed. This is why Citizens have lost faith in their Government. There is a two tear system of justice: One for the Commoners and One for the Governing Class.

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