Ex-employee sentenced for embezzling from SLO business iFixit

A San Luis Obispo judge sentenced a former employee of the San Luis Obispo electronics repair business iFixit for embezzling almost $100,000 from the company. 

Alexandre Soria, 25, pleaded guilty to embezzling the funds from iFixit between Oct. 2017 and July 2018, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. iFixit, which was was founded in 2003 by two Cal Poly graduates, employs more than 100 people. 

Judge Dodie Harman sentenced Soria to 364 days in jail and ordered him to pay full restitution for the amount he embezzled. However, Harmon suspended the sentence pending Soria’s completion of three years of supervised probation, allowing the ex-iFixit employee to avoid jail time. [Tribune]

Soria embezzled about $97,000, according to the criminal complaint filed against him. 

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