Driver flees police from Santa Maria to Arroyo Grande, engages in standoff on Highway 101

A person suspected of driving under the influence led officers on a chase from Santa Maria to Arroyo Grande on Friday and then engaged in a standoff that led to the closure of a section of Highway 101.

At about 11 a.m., Santa Maria police officers tried to stop the driver, who then fled and headed northbound on Highway 101. The driver stopped on Highway 101 near Grand Avenue.

Officers tried speaking with the driver, who refused to cooperate, according to the Santa Maria Police Department. Several law enforcement vehicles arrived at the scene and officers engaged in a standoff with the driver. 

Shortly after noon, the standoff ended and officers arrested the suspect.

During the standoff, authorities closed both lanes of northbound Highway 101 near Grand Avenue, resulting in traffic delays. The highway has since reopened. 

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