Rescuers pull woman out of Salinas River in Paso Robles


Amid flooding Monday afternoon, a woman became stranded neck deep in the Salinas River in Paso Robles, but was eventually saved by rescue workers.

Local contractors heard the unidentified woman crying for help and spotted her with water and debris up to her neck, according to the city of Paso Robles. City emergency personnel then found the woman about 50 yards away from the water’s edge in the 1500 block of North River Road.

Rescuers pulled her out of the water, and San Luis Ambulance transported her to the hospital for treatment. Meanwhile, a CHP helicopter conducted a search for other possible victims. 

There were no reports of anyone else being stranded in the area. Still, emergency officials say the Salinas Riverbed is very hazardous during the ongoing rainstorms, and all residents are instructed to not enter the riverbed.

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